Take Ownership in a De Novo Lab Facility

NCP is the market leader in the development of free-standing, independent outpatient cardiac and vascular labs throughout the U.S. Physician-partners are given complete clinical control and majority ownership, while offering patients the highest level of care available – all outside of the traditional hospital setting.

Control right from the start.

The NCP lab business model gives physician-partners ultimate control in new lab facilities. Depending on the vision of the partners, NCP builds the lab best-suited for the needs of their market and their unique preferences. Groups have the ability to give input on site selection, building design, facility construction, policy and procedural development, staffing, equipment, supplies and much more. NCP takes on the burden of overall lab management, administrative duties, reporting and compliance issues – allowing physicians to focus on quality patient care.

NCP offers:

  • A diversified business mix with a focus on performing high acuity procedures
  • Partnerships for physician groups or hospitals who are interested in opening a de novo cath lab facility or cardiovascular center
  • Compliance management and guidance in navigating the complexities of the healthcare regulatory landscape
  • Comprehensive services and expertise dealing with Medicare certification, state licensure requirements, third party accreditation and other regulatory matters
  • Extensive experience dealing with CON and Stark legislation, which provides the legal framework governing physician self-referrals and medical outpatient practices

Enhanced patient care.

NCP brings years of experience in lab development and its model has been optimized to improve patient experiences and outcomes, streamline administrative processes and deliver a higher level of care versus conventional hospital settings. This patient-centered approach delivers:

  • Convenient and comfortable lab facilities
  • Flexible scheduling with favorable operating hours
  • Continuity of patient care by providing both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Enhanced patient education and communications in advance of appointments, minimizing patient downtime, reducing stress and maximizing time spent with clinicians
  • Pre-procedure preparation of 15-30 minutes performed by RNs
  • Efficient operations allowing procedure durations averaging less than one hour
  • Patient follow-ups from RN within 24 hours after every procedure
  • Significantly lower co-pays versus hospital procedures

Financial freedom.

With the uncertainty of today’s healthcare environment, many physicians are experiencing a reduction of professional fees and increased administrative burdens. As majority owners, NCP’s physician-partners have an opportunity to significantly increase their supplemental income while maintaining complete clinical control over their lab.

Affordable patient costs with better clinical outcomes.

NCP offers superior lab services with better clinical outcomes for less money than traditional hospital settings. The cost-effective outpatient setting enables physicians to offer a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and maximizes time spent on patient care. This is beneficial for payors who are transitioning away from the traditional fee-for-service model. Additionally, NCP management tracks patient outcomes by twenty-two key quality indicators, resulting in less exposure and lower incidence of healthcare-acquired infections – ultimately reducing payors’ financial burden and increasing profitability.

Getting started is easy.

Starting your own lab has never been easier. NCP will sit down with you, or your group of like-minded physicians, to discuss your specific opportunity based on your individual and group needs. NCP matches your vision and expertise with our proven formula for lab creation and management to make your new lab a reality. It’s that simple. 

To help us get a basic understanding of your practice, please fill out our New Cath Lab questionnaire.

From the very beginning, our group’s vision came clearly into focus. Our new lab is even better than we imagined.