Enjoy the Benefits of Your Own Cath Lab

NCP is different than any other investment opportunity our partners see every day. One statement that NCP can make, that many other organizations cannot is quite simple: NCP allows physician partner groups to retain majority ownership in their new cath lab. Your lab, your choice and your freedom is within your control.

Built on the foundation of a successful model

NCP developed the successful business model based on:

  • Each physician partner group retains majority ownership
  • NCP’s equity position is acquired on the same basis, dollar for dollar, as the physician partners

The cornerstone of each cath lab is the physician. National Cardiovascular Partners’ (NCP) majority ownership model acknowledges physicians’ vital contributions by weighting physician partner ownership with greater emphasis.

Monthly management meetings allow input from all partners. Yet, the model is structured so that physicians are in complete clinical control; everything from equipment selection to facility staff can be ultimately determined by the specialist physicians themselves. While most cardiovascular joint venture models are weighted with hospital majority ownership, NCP’s model puts doctors squarely in control.

Physician-owned and directed freestanding or hospital-based outpatient cath labs have proven quite benefit-rich:

  • More efficient than traditional hospital-directed inpatient labs, they can relieve delay common in a hospital lab’s elective diagnostic cath. An outpatient lab schedule is not interrupted by acute procedures from the emergency room that can delay a scheduled elective procedure by hours.
  • Similarly, an outpatient lab dedicated to elective cases is never delayed by complicated cases. Therefore, the case length is short and predictable. Efficiency results when the cardiology group, rather than the hospital, controls hiring, staffing levels and scheduling. Cath lab staff better meets the cardiologist’s desire for faster turnarounds because they are employees of the partnership. Cardiologist schedules are more predictable because all cases are elective.

Demonstrated consistently, the best way to control your work environment is by owning it. Since healthcare is a local business, each physician practice, group practice and market is unique. NCP facilitates alliances between physicians and physician groups to create aesthetically, economically and operationally viable cardiovascular facilities for direct physician ownership. Think about it: How much valuable time do you spend waiting for cath lab turnover, for simple test results and for staff? How much time is spent on call? Instead, more specialists are enjoying unique control over their time, practice environment and future. This physician control ties directly in with meeting patients’ expectations of personalized, convenient and superior service.

With the state of healthcare in our country, I knew I had to do something different.