Roles at NCP

There are many exciting positions required to support the growth and development of NCP’s mission. Following are some of the key titles that we continue to hire across our many offices.

Clinical Director

Responsible for the management of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab including proper adherence to organizational policies, objectives and regulatory compliance in order to provide high quality patient care.  Establishes and implements policies and procedures in cooperation with the Clinical team.  Directs the non-physician, clinical, technical, and support staff. Ensures key business indicators related to scheduling, productivity, physician relations and quality are achieved.

Circulating RN

Provide professional nursing services, in the assessment, treatment and care of patients during pre, intra, and post-operative phases. Performs nursing activities in the Cath Lab room where circulating nurse is the patient’s advocate. Answers patient needs by assisting the physician. Licensing and ACLS/BLS certification is required.

Holding RN

Provides planned, skilled nursing care for patients in the critical pre-cath and post-cath periods. Performs nursing activities in the holding area where the nurse is the patient’s advocate. Provides continuous patient surveillance for early recognition and immediate emergency treatment of medical or surgical complications that may arise in any pre/post-cath patient. Licensing and ACLS/BLS certification is required.

Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians

Scrubs and assists the physician during cardiovascular procedures within the cath lab. The role of the cardiovascular technologist may include but is not limited to (1) performing appropriate clinical procedures and obtaining a record of anatomical, pathological, and/or physiological data for interpretation by a physician; (2) exercising discretion and judgment in the performance of cardiovascular diagnostic and therapeutic services; (3) utilizes clinical experience and knowledge to anticipate potential patient problems and/or emergencies and makes provisions to meet them; and (4) operates monitoring equipment necessary to properly monitor, record and assist in interpretation of patient EKG and hemodynamics during procedures. Certification or evidence of education and BLS certification required.

Radiology Technologists

The cath lab radiologic tech collaborates with physicians and nurses to provide care to patients undergoing procedures in the cardiac catheterization lab. (1) Operate radiologic equipment and troubleshoot in order to solve equipment related problems; (2) Perform hemodynamic monitoring during procedures; (3) Coordinating and organizing supplies, equipment and instruments needed for cath lab procedures; (4) Providing assistance to physicians performing cath lab procedures; (5) Participating in activities to plan, measure and improve the quality of patient care; (6) Monitoring, recording and communicating as appropriate utilizing computerized documentation systems. Certification or evidence of education and BLS certification required.

Medical Records/Front Desk Staff

Compile, process, and maintain medical records for cath lab patients in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the health care system. Process, maintain, compile, and report patient information for health requirements and standards in a manner consistent with the healthcare industry's numerical coding system.

Home Office

Our corporate home office is located in Houston where we provide support to our field-based teammates. The services provided out of the home office include positions in Development, Operations, Finance, Accounting and Administration.

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The talent pool is deep at NCP. Working in the heart of cardiovascular care enables me to learn and grow from top industry leaders.